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Julie’s Jabbers: A Brief History of Trampy Clothes

When I was about 13-years-old, I decided it was time to change my whole look. I was a young woman and dying to attempt the styles of my fashion muses, who were Madonna and, oddly enough, Kelly LeBrock’s character Lisa from “Weird Science.”


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Julie’s Jabbers: Crying at Church Like a Great Big Jerk

I don’t always go to chuch but when I do, I tend to cry through the hymns. This makes me feel like a jerk, for some reason.


The Gage family opens their gifts

Watch: Santa’s Sparkle Helps Families for Christmas

103.7 KVIL and the Hilton Anatole presented Santa’s Sparkle…a charity event that benefited The Zazza Community Foundation that helped aid and support special and deserving families in Dallas-Fort Worth this past holiday season. Taking nominations […]


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Julies Jabbers: An Open Letter to Victoria’s Secret from My 9-Year-Old Daughter

I’ve walked by Victoria’s Secret at the mall so much that I don’t even NOTICE their displays anymore.


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Julie’s Jabbers: Elf On The Shelf Meets The Zombie Apocalypse

Why does Julie hate the Elf on the Shelf?


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Whad Did Zazza And Julie Leave In The Studio?

What did Zazza and Julie leave in the studio? Yes, they are at it again. What is this thing? Are they messing with me? This crazy thing belongs to Tony.  It was a gift from […]


Weird Things Affecting How Much You Eat

Weird Things That Affect HOW MUCH You Eat…

…And I’ve already done most of them today.  Have you? WHERE you eat is a big thing.  Researchers gave people stale and fresh popcorn in a movie theater and found that everyone ate the same […]



Thanksgiving With LT And TangoTab

Zazza & Julie and 103.7 KVIL have joined with LaDainian Tomlinson and TangoTab in their annual Thanksgiving mission to feed as many North Texas families a Thanksgiving meal as possible. Visit and donate today. […]


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What Zazza & Julie Leave In The Studio: Vodka & Ketchup

Just about every day I walk into the KVIL studio and laugh. Not only because we have a good time here but because of what the morning show leaves behind. I never know what I’m […]



Julie’s Jabber: Now Hiring A Sister Wife

I forgot I was Snack Mom for the soccer game this weekend. There has probably never been uttered a phrase so filled with First-World-Problem-irony, but it’s true. I forgot I was Snack Mom this weekend […]