Zayn Malik

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Ouch! Zayn Malik Makes One Direction Split Official With This Heartbreaking Move

Did Zayn Malik just diss 1D or is this just the price of business? This is the equivalent of changing your Facebook profile to “single.” And it kinda hurts. Zayn Malik has taken the 1D out […]

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Stephen Hawking Has a Scientific Solution For Those Still Coping With Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction

If you’re still mourning the loss of Zayn Malik from One Direction, Stephen Hawking has a very high-minded way to cope.


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Lance Bass on One Direction: ‘I Just See Harry Leaving Soon’

And “I don’t see another One Direction album happening after he leaves.”


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Zayn Malik Talks Life Post-One Direction

It’s been a very crazy month for Zayn Malik. He recently quit the biggest boy band in the world last month making tween girls all around the world go into shock. The reason? He wanted to […]

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Which Member Of One Direction Will Be Next To Split?

Hint: He’s one of the guys in this photo. Lol.


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REPORT: Zayn Malik Paranoid Over Secret Sex Tape!

Zayn is supposedly really freaked out!


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Comedian Amy Schumer Angers One Direction Fans With This Joke About Zayn

The joke focused on something fans probably don’t want to think about: the possibility that the four guys could eventually replace Zayn in the lineup