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18 Month Old Girl Has Crush On Brad Pitt – Adorable Video

We believe the old saying goes; “People love anything with Puppies Babies & Brad Pitt”.  We might have that slightly off, but we know it is at least true for us. Well we found a […]


Elderly You Tube Sensation Speaks To Leigh Ann

Bruce, 86 and Esther, 79 Huffman who  mistakenly made a video of themselves, and became an overnight sensation talk to Leigh Ann.


Senior Citizens Private Video Goes Viral

Have you ever taken a picture that you  never intended anyone to see? What about a video?  Well, two seniors in Oregon are the latest smash in this video.


Marine Scores Date With Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is going to the ball, The Marine Corps Ball. ”It’s Sgt. Scott Moore asked her out via You Tube. Watch the invitation below.


‘Hold It Against’ The Marines

Some Marines in Afghanistan made a video dancing and lip-syncing to Britney’s Hold It Against Me.  It’s definitely worth a watch.


Which Dallas Native Was Found Gulity Of Disorderly Conduct, Fined $500 And Will Serve Six Month Probation?

If you guessed [lastfm]Erykah Badu[/lastfm], you are right! If you’re interested in taking on our News Director, David Rancken, in a five question trivia game, email us! We need new challengers!


Customized Table Cloths With Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Do you enjoy setting your table? Ever thought of customizing your table cloth? Kimberly Schlegel Whitman has details on where you can get a great custom table cloth. Keep Reading…


TV Reporter Destroys Ice Sculpture. Real Or A Hoax?

Check this video out. Do you think this was a hoax? Or do you believe it was an accident? We’d love your opinion! Take our poll!


Who Is Your Current American Idol?

Did you guess [lastfm]Lee DeWyze[/lastfm]? You would have been right! Are you up for a five question trivia game against our News Director, David Rancken? We’re in need of great contestants! If you’re up for […]


Did You Know That Nicole Kidman Grows Her Own Vegtables? Steve Kemble Has The Scoop!

Do you like Tacos? Looking for a new place to check out? Steve Kemble has a great new venue for you to check out in his “What’s Hot” for today.