Women Send Their Boyfriends Pictures Of Wedding Dresses And Their Responses Are Awesome
Bars In New York City Can No Longer Refuse Alcohol To Pregnant Women!Wait? What?
DFW Woman Followed into Restroom by a Man to Verify Gender
House Panel Votes To Make Women Register For The DraftLadies, gear up and prepare for battle. You could be going to war in the event of a draft.
Cult Beauty Product Called "Baby Foot" Is Getting Women Sandal Feet Ready!
Texts You Never Want to Receive From a WomanHave you ever sent any of these? In this case, ‘tis better to send than to receive.
How Much More It Costs To Be A Woman Than A ManEver wonder how much your morning routine costs you a year? How about how much more it costs for women than men?
8 Things Men Own That Woman Love to Throw AwayAfter reading this list, methinks the guys should send their lady a thank you note. A new survey finds that women commonly ‘help’ their guy get rid of the following things when moving in together.
This Company Lets Women Take "Period Days" Off Work
Women Need To Stop Using These 8 Phrases!We thought this was going to be dumb, but we really fell in love with this list!
Survey: 73% of Men Would Say 'Yes' If Their Woman ProposedThere’s an Irish tradition that happens on February 29th. Women propose to their boyfriends. In fact they made at movie about it in 2010 starring Amy Adams.
Doctors Claim BJ's Help Women Fight Depression!This had to have been written by a man, right?

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