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Woman Faints During Brain Freeze Competition

The dreaded brain freeze takes out a participant in a brain freeze contest. Check out the video!


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Central Texas Woman Aims For Skunk, Shoots Husband Instead

The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office say a Central Texas woman has accidentally shot her husband while trying to kill a skunk that was in her yard. Authorities say the incident happened Sunday night in the […]


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Woman Parking Car Gets Cheered On By Soccer Fans

A lady parks her car… And the crowd goes wild!!!


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Woman Has Bad Day With Sliding Glass Door

It’s happened to all of us once. A very clean glass door can fool the best of us and cause riotous laughter amongst our friends. This woman is rubbing her head after becoming confused as […]


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Woman Swallowed By Sidewalk

It’s just an ordinary day. You’re walking down the street, talking a friend on your phone when all of a sudden the pavement opens up beneath you. It happened to a woman in China and […]


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Thomas Beatie, The Pregnant Man, Seperates From Wife

Thomas Beatie, who made headlines in 2008 when he became the world’s first known man to give birth, has separated from his wife on nine years. People is reporting, Beatie announced the split from his […]



Are You High Maintenance?

Are you high maintenance? Ladies, take this little quiz to find out.


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Gentlemen Don’t Really Prefer Blondes

A recent study revealed what men really want in a woman. The ideal woman is not the blonde bombshell a la Marilyn Monroe.  The Daily Mail says that the most desirable woman is not what […]


Friday’s Delilah’s Dliemma, In Too Deep

 Tonight’s dilemma is from a young woman who has met a guy at work the she really likes. There are however, a few problems.