This Ghost Following A Man Into A Taxi Will Freak You Out!This gave us chill bumps! WOW!
Woman Arrested After Using Children To Pickpocket At Snuffer's In Addison!
69-Year-Old Man Charms His 24-Year-Old Date On Dating Naked!Hmmmmmm ........... No way we could do this!
The Average Woman Now Weighs As Much As The Average Man From The 1960'sHow does this happen?
Iowa Woman Shouts Racial Slurs At News Reporter (Video)A news reporter in Iowa was delivering a story about a recent police-involved shooting when a woman approached her and another photojournalist and began shouting racial slurs and proceeded to knock over their camera equipment.
7 Things Every Pregnant Woman Has Done But Doesn't Like To Talk About!These are spot on!
Did Richard Simmons Secretly Have A Sex Change?
This Woman Was Convinced By A Ouija Board That Her Husband Was CheatingWe are willing to go out on a limb and say they had issues before this!
Woman Arrested For Calling Her Ex 27,000 Times In One Week!This gives a new meaning to crazy! WOW!
This Woman Was Stopped From Boarding An Airplane Because Her Shorts Were considered 'Inappropriate'
Woman Gets Trapped In Bathroom Stall And Films SOS Video For Help
Connecticut Woman Mistaken For Transgender And Harassed In Walmart BathroomAimee Toms was washing her hands in a Walmart bathroom last week when a woman approached her and called her "disgusting". Adding that she didn't "belong here."

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