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She Smuggled A Gun In Hiding It Where?

So you get arrested for multiple reasons, and you have a gun on you the police haven’t found yet. What do you do with it? Well you hide it in your lady parts of course. […]

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Hello Kitty Isn’t Really A Cat?

This is just confusing. When anthropologist and Hello Kitty scholar (yes, really) Christine R. Yano sent notes along to Sanrio’s star character, they were pleased with the work…except for one big thing. They told her […]

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Reality Series Features Woman Who Does Not Use Toilet Paper Or Do Laundry

The latest season of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates premieres this month, and apparently the current state of the economy has bred a whole new type of outrageous penny pinchers. The woman featured in the the current […]


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Ke$ha Thinks She Had Sex With A Ghost

Ke$ha has a new album, Warrior, due out this December, it will feature The Black Keys’ Drummer Patrick Carney, The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne and Iggy Pop. It is a follow up to her 2010 […]


Kenya Airways Passenger Forced To Sit Near Corpse On International Flight

Lena Pettersson, a passenger on an international flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania was forced to sit near a corpse during the 10-hour flight. International Business Times is reporting that Pettersson boarded a flight in Amsterdam […]


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New Website Tries To Pair You With Your Face Mate

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “I would love to date someone who looks like that!” Well a new website Find Your FaceMate can help you out with that.


Egg Drop Soup Or What Was In Leigh Ann’s Ear?

Well, Leigh Ann has finally cleared out her ear. What was the problem? Click and take a look if you dare.



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