Prostitute Had To Be Surgically Removed From Her Client When Died During Services
Did You See Lisa Rinna's Arm Pit Last Night On RHOBH?Someone please explain what is going on in this picture!
Lasagna Made From Nothing But Taco Bell Items Looks Awesome!Would you try this? We sure want to!
There Was A Huge Fire On Katy Trail Today!So glad no one was hurt in the fire today!
You Will Never Believe What They Used In Danny's Hair Last Night On Grease Live!We thought it was just gel, we were way wrong!
This Is How You Secretly Poop At Work!This is so funny!
People Are Really Upset Because Their McDonalds Cheese Sticks Are Missing A Key IngredientI think they forgot a key ingredient
Hair Bands From China Made From Used Condoms Could Spread STD'sWhy would they put used condoms in hair bands?
Kim Richards Will Star In New Reality Show "The Mother/Daughter Experiment"
Woman Beats Her Husband With Nunchucks Because He Wouldn't Get Intimate With Her
Self Driving Strollers Are A Real Thing!Do we really need one of these? This is crazy!
If You Have These Apps On Your iPhone You're At Risk Of Having Your Data Stolen!Hopefully none of these are on your phone!

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