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Weird True News – Baby Born Pregnant With Twins!

In some of the most bizzare news you’ll ever hear about, researchers have announced that a baby girl, who was born in 2010 in Hong Kong and thought to have had two tumors in her […]

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Performers From The Circus Of Horrors Prepare Ahead Of Halloween

Haunted Dumpster Mirror Sold On eBay

Do you believe in Ghosts? Some one does, enough to pay $155 for a mirror that was found in a dumpster. The Huffington Post is reporting that a recent eBay auction sold a free dumpster […]


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Real Life Sleeping Beauty Sleeps 64 Days

A Pennsylvania teenager can’t stop sleeping. 17-year-old, Nicole Delien, is affected by a rare sleep disorder called Kleine-Levine, also known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, which only seen in an estimated 1,000 people world-wide. Her longest […]