The Cost Breakdown of Attending a Wedding‘Tis the season. Sometimes you luck out and a wedding is in town, but many times this isn't the case. Here’s a list from MarketWatch of average wedding costs, when you’re not the bride or groom.
NFL Safety Earl Thomas Dresses Like King On Wedding Day With 14 Groomsmen (PHOTOS)My boyfriend jokes that grooms are invisible at weddings. That a cardboard cutout could stand-in and no one would notice. But this wedding was not all about the bride.
What The Average Cost of a 'Normal' Wedding Buys You at a Celebrity WeddingThere’s an annual survey of ‘average’ wedding costs from The Knot and it goes up every year – now topping $30k. What would that get you at George & Amal’s wedding last year? Um…Dinner
Ever Wondered What A Billion Dollar Wedding Looks Like? Here You Go!
Did Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Have A Secret Wedding Over The Weekend?
Little Boy Jumps On Brides Dress While She Is Walking Down The Aisle!
Survey Shows Wedding Costs Have Gone Down -- A LittleLast year’s survey from The Knot found the cost of an average wedding near $31,000. Now it’s around $29,000. Either way, those sound like above ‘average’ weddings! And that $29k figure for some reason doesn’t include two pricey pieces of the wedding experience: venue and engagement ring. $8800 and $4800, respectively.
Woman Donates Kidney to Dad So He Can Walk Her Down the Aisle (PHOTO)What a beautiful story!
Man Says He Lost His Ring Inside His Wife! WOW!
This Couple Refused To Call Off Their Wedding During The Blizzard And The Pictures Are Awesome!The pictures are AMAZING!
This Woman Actually Got Paid To Be A Bridesmaid!This is crazy! Why would someone pay to be in their wedding!
Guy Fakes Scary In-Flight Emergency To Propose!

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