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VIDEO: Two Year Old Recites Shakespearean Sonnet

Shakespeare is difficult to tackle for adults let alone a toddler. However, this adorably precocious two year old recites Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 despite the distraction of his meddlesome older sister. His ability to memorize and […]


Jumping dog

The Happiest Dog In The World

Sometimes on Monday we just need one image of pure happiness to brighten our day. Well we’ve found the happiest dog in the world to do that today.



Man Turns Kitchen Into Synthesized Musical Playground

You might wonder what kids in college (or just out of college) do with their time.  This one takes old electronics, amplifiers and everything in his kitchen to make it a synthesized musical instrument.  This […]


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Video: Amazing ‘Fishing Under Ice’

Some very clever folks in Finland recently uploaded an amazing and beautiful video to the web. At first it looks like a regular video of people in scuba gear walking underwater, but then you realize […]


Kids Destroy House With Bag Of Flour

These two boys, ages 3 & 1, got a bag of flour while mommy wasn’t feeling good and in the bathroom.  Look at the house when she comes out.


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Video: Surfer Almost Swallowed By A Whale

We all know the Bible story about Jonah. He’s the guy who got swallowed by a whale. Well, a surfer came close to being swallowed herself by couple of hungry humpbacks, and it was caught […]


Parent rap

Hillarious Video: Parent Rap – ‘Whose House’

Leigh Ann is a parent, she understands it’s not an easy gig to have.  And sometimes it’s just hard to talk to these youngsters now.  So hard to get through to them.  Well these parent’s […]



10 Best Internet ‘Thriller’ Video’s

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]‘s epic music video “Thriller” is arguably the best and most inspirational videos of all time.  Since the video debuted in 1982 it has been a Halloween staple.  While it can never be […]


Elderly You Tube Sensation Speaks To Leigh Ann

Bruce, 86 and Esther, 79 Huffman who  mistakenly made a video of themselves, and became an overnight sensation talk to Leigh Ann.


Explosions Rock Fort Worth

Tuesday night’s thunderstorms caused many power lines to explode in Ft. Worth.