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Fort Worth Man To Star In Super Bowl CommercialHeeeee's baaaaaack.
Drummer Falls Out Window In The Middle Of A Show!And he kept playing!
7-Year-Old Dancing To Justin Bieber Goes Viral (VIDEO)This kid's got moves!
Teen Nearly Dies After Attempting Internet ChallengeDon't try this at home.
Dallas High School Class Recreates "Good To Be Alive" VideoThis time it's an Andy Grammer tribute!
Amy Schumer Has Wardrobe Malfunction At Critics' Choice Awards!And she somehow made it hilarious.
Woman Interviewed After Apartment Fire Becomes The Latest Viral Sensation!"Something wrong, it's poppin'!"
Man Has Funny Answer When Asked What He'd Spend Powerball Winnings On (VIDEO)The reporter doesn't even know how to recover from his comment.
VIDEO: Lesbians Touch Male Parts For The First Time And It's Hilarious!"It feels like a noodle."
Watch Orangutan Laugh After Zoo Visitor Shows Him A Magic TrickThe Orangutan's reaction is priceless!
Watch Justin Bieber Take Over James Corden's Hosting GigPure gold.
The Best & Worst Movie Clips Mashed Up For 2015How about fifty films from the past year in one trailer?

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