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WATCH: Monkey Drop Kicks Man Who Gave It The Finger

#MonkeyMonday. Ok…that’s not a thing. But you’ll think it should be after seeing this display of greatness. Ya should have just walked away, man! (But I’m secretly glad you didn’t…) Watch HERE.  

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This Mashup Video Of Your All Time Favorite Dance Scenes Is Your New Favorite Video

You have to admit there is something special about a good dance movie. Now take all your favorite dance movie scenes, and mash them all up together. Set it to “Shut Up And Dance” and […]

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VIDEO: Jockey Loses Pants During Horse Race, Beats A Horse Named “Modesty.”

To recap, a bare-bottomed jockey beat a horse named Modesty. Perfect.


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VIDEO: GoPro Spoof Of An Average Day At The Office

All in a day’s work…



Truck Spills 14 Million Bees Onto Major Highway!

This freaks me out!


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VIDEO: Watch This TV Reporter’s Boyfriend Surprise Her With An On-Air Proposal

Imagine if she said no! Ouch! Ashley Roberts who is a reporter for the WCCO Morning Show in Minnesota was popped the question live on air by her boyfriend during her show! Roberts was tricked […]

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Will Smith holds his Grammy Award 25 February in N

VIDEO: Couple Announces Pregnancy With Fresh Prince Parody

“I woke up in the morning ’bout seven or eight, and I thought to myself ‘Oh man, I’m late!’ “


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Was Rihanna Doing Cocaine In This Video?

There is all kinds of controversy over this new video Rihanna is going to release. There is scene where her friends are dancing, and in the background it looks like she is doing a line […]

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