Verizon Theater

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Chelsea Handler Chats With Zazza & Julie About Upcoming Stop In Dallas

We got to chat with Chelsea Handler this morning!


Live @ Lite with Tim Halperin

Live @ Lite: Tim Halperin

Former American Idol contestant Tim Halperin visited today to share about his Idol experience and play a private concert for some lucky listeners before he opens for Kelly Clarkson tomorrow night at Verizon!


TIm Halperin

VIDEO: Tim Halperin Is Really Excited About Opening For Kelly Clarkson

Tim Halperin wants the Metroplex to know how excited he is about opening for Kelly Clarkson at Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie on March 1st. Check out the video!!


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See Il Divo Serenade Verizon Theater Wednesday Night

Il Divo brings their mix of pop and operatic music to Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie Wednesday night. The multi-national quartet are on tour supporting their new album “Wicked Game.” You won’t want to miss this concert!


Gene and Julie's Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

Truth or Lie: Gene actually purchased a $180 tie for himself! Do you believe him? Let’s find out who today’s Big Fat Liar was!


Gene And Julie's Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

Truth or Lie: If Gene finds a spider in the house, he captures the spider in a cup and then takes it outside and releases it… He refuses to kill it! Let’s find out who […]


Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar For Today Was…

So you you believe that Julie DeHarty has been cavity-free since her adult teeth have filled in? Let’s find out if she was today’s Big Fat Liar…