CIA Releases Real Life 'X-Files' UFO DocumentsWe want to believe that this is the truth that is out there.
This Woman Claims She Found An Alien In Her Backyard In California
VIDEO: What's Flying Next to this Virgin Atlantic Jet?Is it a drone? A UFO? This video is making the rounds.
Scary Moments When We Thought We Saw SomethingWe shared our haunted encounters on this Halloween Eve!
VIDEO: UFO Landing Caught On CameraIs this a UFO or one of those toy drone copters? Watch the video and decide for yourself!
UFOs Spotted Hovering Around Smoking ShipMysterious lights were spotted hovering around a smoking ship. Are they fighter jets or UFOs?
Passenger Jet Has Near-Miss With UFOA passenger jet and a UFO had a close call. Send in Mulder and Scully.
Conspiracy Theory Poll Reveals The Silly Things We BelieveTony thinks that his favorite chapstick has an addictive chemical. It turns out, that is just one of many conspiracy theory that people believe.
Watch: UFO Flies Over Olympic Opening CeremonyThe whole world had it's eyes on London Friday night as the 30th Olympiad opened the games in London. It would appear now that the whole Universe had it's eyes on the event in Great Britain.
UFO's Over London
Dead Alien Found In Russia

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