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John Gets A Celebrity Twitter Response

John got a celebrity tweet back!


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Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant

Kelly Clarkson announces that she’s expecting a baby with her new husband!


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Find Out What Your Twitter Is Worth

How much is your Twitter worth? We calculated the value of celebrity Twitters and then our own. Check out the values we got!


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Julie’s Tweet Gets A Celebrity ‘Favorite’ From Mindy Kaling

Julie got a Twitter favorite from a celebrity!


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Justin Bieber Apologizes to Argentinean Fans Over Twitter

“I would never do anything to disrespect my fans. I don’t like having to defend myself but this time it was needed as I mean no disrespect,” he wrote.


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One Direction Beat Out Prime Minister for the Title of Britain’s Most Influential Tweeters

The guys of One Direction aren’t only taking over the music world, but the Twitterverse too.


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Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson Fact-Checks ‘Gravity’

Neil DeGrasse Tyson schools Twitter on the science of Sandra Bullock’s space-thriller Gravity.


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Jimmy Kimmel’s Kanye-Spoof Ignites Twitter Tirade From West

Jimmy Kimmel aired a kid-spoof of Kanye West and brought an angry Twitter tirade from the self-proclaimed “biggest rockstar on the planet.” Check out the video of the spoof!


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Adam Levine And Lady Gaga Square Off

Lady Gaga and Adam Levine recently went toe to toe via Twitter. And by the looks of it Levine started the whole thing tweeting: Ugh..recycling old art for a younger generation doesn't make you an […]


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Julie Finally Gets A Celebrity Twitter Response

Julie got a celebrity Twitter response from 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander!