Blake Shelton

Leigh Ann: Blake Shelton Tweets Out Adam Levine’s Phone Number

MSN is reporting that Blake Shelton actually tweeted out Adam Levine’s phone number during ‘The Voice’. Is it wrong that I actually tried the number a few times last night? I got a busy signal […]


Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride (Image: Walt Disney World)

#KoryatDisney: Why Walt Disney World Is My Hometown

I will be taking the show on the road to the Walt Disney World Resort, a place I consider home…here’s why!


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Miley Cyrus Breaks Down On Stage After Death Of Dog

Last night at a show in Boston, Miley Cyrus broke down in tears during a sound while doing a tribute to her dog Floyd. Floyd, an Alaskan Klee Kai that Cyrus has owned since 2011, […]


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Billboard Teams Up With Twitter For New Real-Time Charts

The Billboard charts have officially entered the Twitterverse.


Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for SXSW

P. Diddy Back To Puff Daddy?

Did he do it again!?


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VIDEO: The Illustrated 8 Year History Of Twitter

Twitter turned 8 today, check out this illustrated history of the company. See, that was less than 140 characters!


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Re-Experience the First Tweets of Katy Perry, Drake, Lorde & Blake Shelton

When Twitter first launched on March 21, 2006, no one really thought about their first tweet and what it would mean, historically speaking. Least of all musicians, who mostly use their first message to just announce to the world that they, in fact, just joined Twitter.


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The Oscar Selfie Belongs To Who?

The Twitter breaking pic at the OSCARS was made on ELLEN DeGENERES’ phone.


Dallas Police Department (image via KTVT)

DPD Officers Will Be First To Tweet From The Field

Major kudos to the Dallas Police Department on making crime even harder to getaway with, in becoming the first in the country today to use Twitter from the field. They’re also adding a Pinterest page and blog at The Pinterest page already has 12 items, from bicycles to jewelry, which rightful owners can claim. Their blog at will have pictures, press releases, cold case information, helpful phone numbers, and links to the department’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. This just means more behind-bars-embarrassment for law breakers. Difficult to say out loud in jail, “yeah, I’m here due to Twitter and Pinterest”, and develop any kind of hard persona:).


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Zazza & Julie’s Follow Friday

Twitter has Follow Fridays, so we thought we’d plug some of our favorite Twitters this morning