Need A Reason To Have Kids? Hilarious List Provides Plenty To Choose FromBesides the love and affection and obvious things, Twitter users have been compiling a list of funny reasons to have children that you might have not have thought of before.
Martha Stewart Couldn't Contain Her Thirst For Jason Derulo (Photos)Martha Stewart was attending an event when singer Jason Derulo took the stage, and Stewart could not contain herself.
Demi Lovato Just Stopped Using Twitter And Instagram!
Taylor Swift And Ex Calvin Harris Purging All Evidence Of Their RelationshipThis is a coverup white-collar criminals would be proud of.
Twitter Has A New Feature For All You Narcissists Out ThereSo how much do you love yourself? Twitter wants you to love yourself even more!
Hackers Target ISIS Twitter Accounts With LGBT Pride Messages And Gay PornFollowing the terrorist attacks over the weekend, Twitter accounts belonging to supporters of ISIS have been hacked and have been filled with LGBT pride messages and links to gay porn.
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Says “Our Scripture Was Not Posted In-The-Action To The Shooting.”In today's social media world, the things you post online will live forever. Even if you manage to delete a post, someone has already seen it.
Social Media from Celebrities Reacting to Orlando Tragedy
Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Start A Twitter BattleDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton are engaged in their first full-blown Twitter war.
Hillary Clinton Tells Donald Trump To Delete His Twitter AccountHillary Clinton might have just gotten the ultimate burn on Donald Trump.
The Dallas Morning News And Reunion Tower's Hilarious Twitter ExchangeTwo of Dallas' most iconic entities had a cute little Twitter exchange
Bedford Mom Hilariously Mistakes Toys For DrugsIt's every mother's worst nightmare, finding your child's drugs in the house. That is exactly what 16-year-old Ashley Banks' mother thought had happened after her daughter asked her to look for a calculator in her room.

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