Oprah Made $12 Million Dollars After Tweeting About Bread!Over bread? We are working in the wrong business!
This Person Just Live Tweeted Their Neighbor Getting It On And It's Hilarious!
Tony Romo Wants To Win The Whole #$%&*@! ThingYou have to hand it to Tony Romo.
Why Did Adele Get Banned From Her Twitter Account?'s not me.
Cher Tweets About Cop Tossing The Student Then Shuts Down Troll In Epic Way
George Zimmerman Did The Most Despicable Thing EverHe's not a good person.
Guy Tweets He Was Surrounded By The Frisco Police And They Tweet Right Back
'Fantastic Four' Director Trying To Avoid Blame For MovieIn a bizarre turn of events the director of the new 'Fantastic Four' movie, Josh Trank, has said he takes no responsibility for the movie.
Taylor Swift Just Apologized To Nicki Minaj For Her Tweet
RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice Tweets From Behind BarsSee what she said.
Kris Humphries' Nasty Tweet Aimed At Bruce Jenner During Special!?Unlike the supportive tweets, and comments from most of Hollywood, his comments immediately caused a firestorm!
PHOTO: The Full Look - Jared Leto As The Joker In 'Suicide Squad.'Filmmaker David Ayers let the cat (Joker?) out of the bag today

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