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Did You Know A Man’s Hands Will Tell You How He’ll Treat You?

This might be one of the craziest studies we have seen. They are saying that if a man has a pointer and ring finger that are the same length he will treat you better than […]

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Sprinkles Ice Cream Is Coming To Dallas

You’ve been enjoying their cupcakes for years. The originator of the gourmet cupcake shop is bringing a new flavor to Dallas. Sprinkles Ice Cream. The cupcake makers turned ice cream churners currently only have one […]


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Dogs Hit The Ice Cube Jackpot

Four dogs figure out how to get their own icy treats. You’ve gotta see this video!


What Halloween Says About You

Trick or Treat? (How many times have you heard that today?) Leigh Ann has a treat for you. Things about Halloween that may reveal something about your personality.


How Much Was This Treat Leigh Ann?

Leigh Ann was away on her Italian adventure last week. So of course she had to try the local food. She bought some gelato. But how much did she pay?


Trick Or Treat, Give Me Something Good To Eat

  It’s Halloween this weekend. Are you going Trick or Treating?