VIDEO: Why You Should NEVER Mess With The Queen's GuardDo not taunt the Queen's Guard. Ever.
VIDEO: Take A Tour Of The World's 1st Underwater Bar!Shoes are optional.
Tourists Camping On Arctic Ice Float AwayWorst vacation ever. Twenty tourists camping in the Canadian Arctic woke to find themselves floating away from shore on a chunk of ice that broke off overnight.
fun.'s Tips For Being A Tourist In New York CitySee hidden NYC with fun. "Go to the part of Grand Central where you can talk 20 feet away from each other against the wall and hear it," guitarist Jack Antonoff suggests.
Man Falls Asleep On Baggage Conveyer Belt And Gets X-RayedA Norwegian tourist fell asleep on a baggage belt at a Rome airport and went through the x-ray machine. Whoops!
Bungee Jumper Falls Into Crocodile Infested Waters, And Lives

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