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Meet Fox's 2012 "American Idol" Finalists

Hollie Cavanagh ‘Rolls’ With Adele On Idol

After last week’s intriguing elimination, and save, of Jessica Sanchez the American Idol Top 7 Redux might have been the most anticipated show of the season.   McKinney’s Hollie Cavanagh kicked off the show with a […]


Meet Fox's 2012 "American Idol" Finalists

Interesting Night Ahead For American Idol And Hollie Cavanagh

In a very controversial and widely talked about elimination last week on American Idol, Jessica Sanchez was sent home, only to be saved by the judges. While the save was expected, the way the judges […]


Meet Fox's 2012 "American Idol" Finalists

Hollie Cavanagh Performs ‘Perfect’ Perfectly On Idol

The tiny Teen from McKinney, Hollie Cavanagh, took the stage last night for a night of modern hits. While she’s had some critisism for singing mostly slower ballads on American Idol, it is where she […]