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8 Reasons To Make Time For Family Dinner!

My parents still tell of spilling milk streak I had as a child at the dinner table. From the age of 5 to almost 6 they said it was a nightly tradition. Even though we […]


10 Tips To Keep Your Gas Costs Down!

It’s summer time and a number of us with the kids out and vacationing will probably be behind the wheel even more than normal.  If you haven’t noticed, gas prices haven’t gone down and we […]


9 Go-To Foods For Healthy Eating!

I am really trying to be better about what foods I eat every day. The challenge is time. We all struggle with the amount of time we spend on work, the family, errands, to-do’s and […]


A Memorial Day Fave!

  I love Memorial Day weekend. For me it officially kicks off Summer and the outdoor socializing season. One of my all time favorite treats for this weekend is actually an amazing Chilean recipe. If […]


5 Ways To Deal With The Office Drama Queen!

I honestly always thought it was just the entertainment industry that experienced the office drama queen. But then again, I really don’t know anything else other than Radio, Media Relations and Entertainment. But low and […]