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Michael Urie Responds To Tony Zazza’s ALS Challenge

Tony laid down the gauntlet when he took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and called out Steve Kemble, Mike Modano and Michael Urie. The Ugly Betty and Buyer and Cellar star responded yesterday while in […]

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Tony Zazza Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge!

With the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS going viral, Tony Zazza was challenged to partake. Always up for a challenge, Tony did it! He also laid down the gauntlet to 3 others!

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[PHOTO] It’s National Underwear Day & Tony Is Participating

Hi guys, this is Julie and I’ve hi-jacked the blog to post an embarrassing picture of Tony. I’m just going to leave this here…   UPDATE: Tony got payback by making everyone wear depends for […]

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What’s Buzzing With Tony Zazza?

What’s Buzzing With Tony on CBS11!


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Throwback Thursday: Tony’s Baby Pic

In honor of Throwback Thursday, Tony couldn’t help but submit a picture when he was a long haired blondie.   Who knew Tony was the shortstop in Bad News Bears?

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Secret Audio of Tony Zazza in Bed!

Everyone wants to know what Tony Zazza sounds like in bed. Well worry no more, Nick did some digging.     That was unexpected. Can someone elevate his noggin, please?    

103.7 KVIL–07/07/2014

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“Tony Zazza, Steve Kemble and THE Courtney Kerr ~Oh my!!”

Never a dull moment with these personalities together in the same room and throw in my super yummy sandwiches, it was a party!


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Zazza Zoo: Tia and Tamera are Sister Sisters Who Need a Home

Big thanks to Three Dog Bakery in Plano and Southlake for helping us! Tia and Tamera (Sister Sister reference!) are 2 year old female, Labrador/Golden mixes, about 55 lbs, who were adopted from a local […]

103.7 KVIL–06/17/2014


Courtney Kerr And Steve Kemble Guest Host All Week Long

Courtney Kerr and Steve Kemble  guest host with Tony Zazza all week long! Listen all week for your chance to win: 7:30AM – VIP Tickets to the SOLD OUT One Direction show at AT&T Stadium […]


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[AUDIO] Your Idiot Moment

If you’ve done something where you immediately thought to yourself, “I REALLY hope nobody saw that,” then you are not alone. Listen to Tony and Julie’s “Idiot Moments.”     I hope this doesn’t make […]

103.7 KVIL–06/10/2014



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