Taylor Swift (Possibly Ex) Beau Calvin Harris In Violent Car CrashWe'll give you the rumors...and the facts.
Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Dance to 'Crazy in Love' At Met Gala
Tom 'Loki' Hiddleston Gives Weather Report: Blames Storm On Thor"The God of Thunder has brought his skill set to bare on the local weather."
Tom Hiddleston Gets Naked On "The Night Manager"Finally!!! We have a naked man make the headlines!
Here's Your First Look At Tom Hiddleston As Hank WilliamsIs that Hank Williams or Tom Hiddleston? No really, it's hard to tell the difference between the two of them!
2012's Sexiest Men According To Glamour MagazineThe UK's Glamour magazine released it's list of the Sexiest Men this week. Far be it for us to deny you a little eye candy, here are the Top 20 hottest men in Hollywood!
Marvel's Thor Premiere Cast Interviews

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