This Prisoner Cut Off His Man Part And Tried To Flush It Down The Toilet
WATCH: Not Checking The Potty Before You Go In Australia Can Have Serious Consequences
Howie Mandel Went Out Of Town And A Prankster Used 4,000 Rolls Of Toilet Paper To Roll His House
Ryan Gosling Themed Bathroom! WHAT??
'The Walking Dead' Smartphone Toilet Seat Attachment
VIDEO: 3-Year-Old's Hilarious Potty TalkToddler has conversation with self about his dietary choices. It's the cutest, most hilarious video on the web.
Toilet-Themed Restaurant To Offer Crappy DiningNew restaurant offers potty party experience dining on toilets.
Sulphur Springs' New Public Toilets Have One-Way MirrorsSulphur Springs is now offering a unique potty experience with pubic toilets surrounded by one-way mirrors.
"Pee Straight" Invention Helps Men With AimIf you sprinkle when you tinkle, there's an invention for mess prevention.
VIDEO: Rat Crawls Out Of Couple's ToiletA couple freaks out over finding a furry surprise in their toilet.
Tweeting From The ToiletWhere do you surf social media? People admit to posting from the potty in a new social media study.
Want To Flush Your Toliet? There's An App For That

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