NEW YORK, NY - MAY 31:  Comedian Amy Schumer attends The 74th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony at Cipriani Wall Street on May 31, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Peabody Awards)

Amy Schumer Leaves Huge Tip For Student Waiter With Two Jobs

Amy Schumer is all the rage these days. She is one of the hottest comedians out right now. She left a massive tip for a waiter the other day. She had a $49 tab and […]

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Tipping more than your bill? That's definitely not pocket change! Image provided by GettyImages

The 130% Tip Heard ‘Round The World

What’s the most you’ve ever tipped? 10 percent? Maybe 20? I always try to leave a healthy tip in appreciation for any service, and particularly for great service. But 130% seems outlandish, doesn’t it? Not […]

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11 Scientific Ways To Get Better at Flirting!

New studies show that not only does flirting help in the dating department, but flirting and being able to do it well are far more effective than your looks in getting you more attention from the […]

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Simple Beauty Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know!

You want me to do what with Vaseline?!


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Pulled Over? Here’s How To Lower Your Chances Of Getting A Ticket.

Check out these steps for increasing your odds of getting off with a warning!


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iPhone Tricks And Tips That You Might Not Know

Did you know that you can use the volume button on your iPhone to take a picture?


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Leigh Ann: Are Tips Dying Out?

MSN is reporting that some restaurants have started eliminating tips and paying their staff higher wages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tipping. But this might be a nice trend. But only if the […]


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Tip Your Pizza Delivery Guy Extra On Game Day

Be sure to tip extra for your pizza delivery guy on Game Day.


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How To Survive Christmas With Your In-Laws

Here a few tips to survive visiting with the in-laws this Christmas.


Save on Energy Costs this Winter

Save Energy Costs this Winter with These Tips

Our first real cold snap is tonight.  It won’t be cold later this week, but, for those of you who don’t already know this: WINTER IS COMING. Yeah, ’round here we don’t have long winters. […]