Throwback Thursday

Kory in late 2013. (Photo: Kory - CBS Radio)

Kory: Here’s My 2005 #TBT Photo (w/ Bad White Tux)

This embarassing photo of a much heavier me in an ugly white tuxedo brought to you by #TBTKVIL!


Here's a wee John riding a tractor with his Great-Grandpa.

Zazza and Julie’s #TBT Photos

We shared our Throwback Thursday photos!


Photo Courtesy of Leigh Ann Adam/KVIL

Leigh Ann: Check Out My TBT Picture

Here is my TBT picture with…wait for it…C&C Music Factory: This was taken in the early 90′s at the Coca Cola Starplex before the world found out that the girl in the videos and o […]


Here is Julie's Throwback photo from the 8th grade Air Band Competition! They called themselves Women in Action (kinda like Men at Work) and did Heart covers.

Zazza & Julie’s Throwback Thursday Photos

Check out our Throwback photos!


Here is Julie with Keanu Reeves and his band Dogstar. She looks awfully snuggly with the drummer!

Zazza & Julie’s Throwback Thursday Photos

Check out our Throwback Thursday pictures!



Thursday Is #TBT On KVIL

Vote now for your favorite blast from the past song in KVIL’s #TBT


Kory in late 2013. (Photo: Kory - CBS Radio)

Throwback Thursday: Kory At 10 Years Old….With A Mullet.

Before I was “dapper”…I was dorky…and I had a mullet. You’re welcome.


Kory with Clay Aiken in 2003. (Photo - Kory/CBS Radio)

ThrowBack Thursday: Kory In 2003 With Clay Aiken

Kory at age 21 with Clay Aiken.


(Photo by FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/GettyImages)

Embarrassing Moments From Our School Days

For Throwback Thursday, we shared some of our most embarrassing moments from our school days.


Tony's Senior Portrait

Throwback Thursday: Zazza & Julie’s Yearbook Photos

We are tripping through our pasts on this Throwback Thursday!