The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore, Joe Biden, And Snarts In Today’s Beat David Rancken

Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast members are taking their show to Italy. While many people are excited to see the guidos and guidettes take on Europe, the Italian Defamation League is against the […]


Snooki, Simon Cowell, And Steve Kemble In Today’s Beat David Rancken

The Jersey Shore’s  Snooki has decided to follow in reality star Lauren Conrad’s footsteps. The pint-sized ‘guidette’ (who claims to have only read two books in her lifetime) has authored a book based on her life on the […]


The Kardashians, The Chipmunks, And Kate Middleton In Today’s Beat David Rancken

The semi-anticipated Kardashian Kard, sponsored by Mastercard, has officially been canceled. Due to allegations of “exorbitant, possibly illegal fees” by the Attorney General of Connecticut, the Kardashian sisters have pulled out of their contract with Mastercard.   […]


Hot Halloween. Costumes That Are The Buzz

Halloween is on its way. What are you going to be this year?


Kid Rock, James Bond, And The Jersey Shore In Today's Beat David Rancken

  [lastfm]Kid Rock [/lastfm]took the stand in Georgia Thursday to defend himself in a lawsuit over a 2007 altercation at a Waffle House.  The singer claims he only began fighting after being provoked.


The Bump-It Is Back! Steve Kemble Tells Us All About It

Today is Steve Kemble’s last day in L.A. and he keeps running into celebrities! Hear who he ran into today and find out What’s Hot!…


From Hollywood To Dallas, Steve Kemble Is Hanging Out With The Stars

Steve Kemble is still out in L.A. after the VMA’s. Here about all the celebrities he’s met and ‘What’s Hot!’ today…