Ever Wonder How The iPhone Texting Bubble Works?You know that little bubble that says they're typing, and it seems to go on forever!!!
Bruce Jenner Deadly Crash - Cops Getting Search Warrant for Cellphone! Was He Texting?
Emojis Are Lucky, If You Know What We Mean ;)
Study: Teens Are Better At Texting & Driving Than AdultsA new Wayne State University study shows that the older a person is, the worse they are at texting and driving.
Man Finds Out Pregnant Girlfriend is Cheating By Guy Behind Them At Game
New Apple iOS Rumors- iPhone Messages Can Self-Destruct?
Denton Bans Texting While DrivingDenton joins other North Texas cities in banning texting while driving.
Definition Of Emotional Infidelity Is In The Eye Of The BeholderSurvey reveals that different people have differing definitions of what constitutes cheating.
Your Cell Phone May Be Causing Tech NeckToday's high tech devices sure have made life easier, but are they good for your health?
Texting Faux Pas That Need To StopThere are some text messages that should never be sent, period. Here are few of worst.
School Zones Are No Phone ZonesNow that school is back in session, it's time to put down the phones while driving through school zones!
Houston Car Wreck Survivor Urges Drivers To Stop TextingAfter surviving a near-fatal car accident, Chance Bothe wants to warn others of the dangers of texting while driving.

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