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Julie Finds Virtual Celebrity Valentine For Brokenhearted Listener

Julie goes on massive search for virtual celebrity Valentines on Twitter after a friend gets dumped by text message.


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When Voice-Activated Text Messages Go Wrong

Sometimes Siri just doesn’t understand us and sends out a text message that doesn’t make any sense.


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What Happened When Tony Texted Betty White

Tony sent a text message with a picture to Betty White yesterday. This morning, we found out what happened.


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Worst Ways We’ve Been Dumped

Katy Perry revealed to Vogue that Russell Brand dumped her in a text message. If that’s one of the worst ways to get dumped, wait until you hear our stories!


iPhone Autocorrect Fail

What was supposed to be a convenience has led to some big oops moments for cell phone users.  Tell us your autocorrect fail story! After the storm we got this week, our front desk guy […]



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