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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Garland Attacks On Sunday!

If you haven’t heard already there was an attack at the Muhammad Drawing Contest in Garland on Sunday. ISIS came out today, and claimed responsibility for the shooting. This is pretty scary, and hits way to close […]

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5 Places, 4 People And 3 Things That Make Dallas, Texas Absolutely AMAZING!!

We found this list online and we totally agree with it. I think all they are missing is some amazing BBQ. The 5 places they bring up we love, including Deep Ellum which has made […]

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Dr Pepper is just one of many things Texas has given the rest of the world. Photo from GettyImages

Dear BuzzFeed: You’re Welcome. Love, Texas

Lists are all the rage at BuzzFeed. From life hacks to pets to your favorite movie star, they’ve got a list for everything. And this time, they finally have a list that captures the glory […]


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21 Ways You Will Know Someone Is ABSOLUTLEY From Texas

Almost everyone from Texas is proud of it, and there is a reason for it. There are lots of traits that people will know you are from Texas without a doubt. For instance you probably […]

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Bizarre Roadside Attractions Right Here In Texas

I have lived in Texas for a while now, and had no idea a lot of these things existed. Did you know there is a huge killer bee in Hidalgo, Texas. Seriously it’s massive. You […]

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Kory with the band All Time Low (Photo: Kory - CBSRadio)

VIDEO: Kory Chats With All Time Low

They are at SouthSide ballroom tonight, but they stopped by to hang out for a bit this afternoon!


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13 Most Haunted Places In Texas, One Right Here In Our Backyard!

If you are a fan of haunted houses, we found the coolest list ever for you. 13 of the most haunted places in Texas. One is right down the street in Mineral Wells. The Baker […]

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BREAKING: It’s Official, Josh Hamilton Is Coming Back! Press Conference At 3:30!

It was announced that the Texas Rangers are going to hold a press conference at 3:30 to welcome back Josh Hamilton. I know a lot of the metroplex doesn’t like him anymore, after the things […]

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Kory with Andrew McMahon (Photo: Kory - CBS Radio)

VIDEO: Kory Chats with Andrew McMahon

We chatted about his current album, his battle with leukemia, and how being married with a kid has changed life on the road.


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BREAKING: Josh Hamilton Could Be Coming Back To The Texas Rangers

Rumors are swirling that Josh Hamilton could be coming back to Texas. They are working on a trade as we speak. After all the problems he caused when he was here, do we really want […]

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