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Here Are Some Amazing Products That Every Person Who Loves Texas Must Have

If you live in Texas you have to admit you love this state. We carry a pride about living in the great state of Texas. We found a list of things that every person who […]

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Things Only People Who Went To High School In Texas Will Understand

Texas high schools are almost like a different world.


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49 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Texas

I bet I know what you’re thinking…”Yeah right…I bet I know ALL these!” Well, you might be surprised! Like the fact that if Texas were independent, we would have the world’s 14th largest economy. Did you […]

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Kory Chats With Dixie Longate from ‘Dixie’s Tupperware Party!’

Is it musical theatre? Is it a Tupperware sales pitch? Is it stand up comedy? A drag show? Yes, and so much more!


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Richardson Is Adding A Food Truck Park

Food trucks are all the rage these days. Selling affordable gourmet food off a truck is so much fun, and so delicious. Richardson is joining the food truck park trend. Plans were just okayed to […]

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Texas Man Forced To Give Up “A-Hole” Vanity Plate

“I definitely think the state is overreaching their boundaries.” Hassan tells KPRC he plans to appeal the decision.


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Plano Man Says Stay-at-Home Wife Should Earn $73,960 a Year

Steve Nelms of Plano, has literally figured out that he cannot afford his stay-at-home wife, Glory.


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Mikey Wax Joins Kory Tonight at 8pm!

Recording artist Mikey Wax will swing through The New 103.7 tonight to hang out with Kory on the Daily Download at 8pm!


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You Have To See This List Of Things Texans Do That Would Be Weird Anywhere Else

I don’t know why anyone would think this is weird. All of these are things we do, and see on an everyday basis. Why would people think it is weird we are proud of our […]

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Definitive Proof That Texas Has Everything Any Human Could Ever Want

This is just another thing that makes Texas great. We found this crazy list courtesy of Facebook that correlates names of cities in our great state to feelings, things to do and even the weather! […]

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