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10 Facts About A Teen’s Brain

We all have been through the teen years. They aren’t easy. And one of the hardest things about being a teenager was relating to those parents who think they know everything about being a teenager. […]


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NorthPark Center To Enforce New Teenage Curfew

A new policy will soon be in effect at NorthPark Center. Teenagers under the age of 17 must have an adult with them if they want to visit the mall after 6PM. It’s apart of […]



Teens Getting New Chins For Prom

Forget the dress, the limo, even the right guy. What girls really want for prom these day is to go under the knife.



Teen & Tween Girls Asking The Internet ‘Am I Ugly’

Hey moms and dads out there, do you know what your teen girl might be trying to find out from the millions of people on the internet?  A new trend among teen and tween girls […]


Nick Jonas Makes Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Good, But No One Can Help Alana Lee

Rebecca Black‘s YouTube sensation “Friday” may be the worst song ever made, but it looks like she has one fan, Nick Jonas!


Disney Dream Kids Only Activities

Gene and Julie talk to David Duffy about all the activities for kids who travel on the Disney Dream cruise line!



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