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Kanye West, Rihanna, Jason Aldean Tweet Support for Jay Z’s Newly Launched TIDAL

Could it mean new surprise Kanye West and/or Rihanna albums?


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RUMOR: Who Is Taylor Swift Dating Now?

Taylor Swift was caught grocery shopping with…


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Non-Stop Music Everyday

The new 103.7 is giving you what you want most! More music!


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Taylor Swift Is the World’s Sixth Greatest Leader

According to Fortune, Taylor Swift ranks up their with Tim Cook of Apple and the Pope in terms of world leadership.


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Taylor Swift Spotted With Calvin Harris

Well so much for swearing off dating! In many recent interviews lately, Taylor Swift has declared that she is staying single for the for seeable future and was not interested in dating. Well, looks like DJ […]

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The Princeton Review Apologizes for Taylor Swift Misquote, Won’t Back Down on Grammar

The test prep company is really sorry for getting Taylor Swift’s lyrics wrong.


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This Taylor Swift Doppelganger Is Basically Her Twin

Wow! Not gonna lie…I had to do a double take when I saw this. A tumblr user by the name of Kasey posted a picture of her and her best friend who just so happens […]

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Taylor Swift in new york city

Stream Taylor Swift Albums Online on Jay Z’s TIDAL

Taylor Swift may not believe in Spotify’s business model, but she does believe in Jay Z.


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Do Not Attack Taylor Swift’s Grammar

Accuse her of anything, says Taylor Swift, but do not attack her grammar. She will come after you.