Taco Bell Tests Upscale Interiors And Wants You To Dine At It's New Fancy RestaurantsThe new restaurant will feature sleek, modern seating, exposed wooden beams and trendy light fixtures will replace the fluorescent lighting and neon purple glow that has long been associated with the chain.
Army Vet Awakens From 48-Day Coma; Immediately Asks for Taco Bell (PHOTOS)
Man Wakes Up After 48 Day Coma And His First Words Are "I Want Taco Bell"
Fort Worth Man To Star In Super Bowl CommercialHeeeee's baaaaaack.
Taco Bell Achieves New Standard For VegetariansI’m a Taco Bell fan and have been ordering the same item there for decades, which happens to be vegetarian. Today I see that Taco Bell has become the first fast food restaurant to offer menu items certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).
Taco Bell's Big Change Is Taking Their Tacos To A Whole New Level
McDonald's Isn't The Only Fast Food Restaurant With A Secret MenuFirst came the McDonald's secret menu - there have always been rumors that such a menu existed. Now we know the Land, Air, and Sea Burger is real, thanks to a manager in Scotland, who copped to everything!
Taco Bell Employee Tries To Break Bad By Brewing Meth In RestaurantIf you've watched Breaking Bad, then you know a fast food restaurant is the perfect place to keep meth! Or at least smuggle in the supplies.
Taco Bell Now Delivers In Dallas: Feedback From Day 1 CustomersComing soon to your neighborhood!
Drunk Bride Walks Thru Taco Bell Window
Charlie Sheen HAMMERED at Taco Bell
Taco Bell President Gives Hilarious Response To Canada's Breakfast RequestTaco Bell's president has hilarious response to Canadian request for waffle tacos.

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