Husband Finds Wife's Engagement Ring At Trash Dump, After Mistakenly Throwing It Out

Stolen/Swallowed Engagement Ring Recovered From

An engagement ring that was swallowed by a man trying to steal it from a New Hampshire jewelry store has been recovered by police and is now in evidence. Ronald Perley, 52, was caught on […]


(Photo by AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman Swallowed By Sidewalk

It’s just an ordinary day. You’re walking down the street, talking a friend on your phone when all of a sudden the pavement opens up beneath you. It happened to a woman in China and […]


Photo from YouTube

Video: Surfer Almost Swallowed By A Whale

We all know the Bible story about Jonah. He’s the guy who got swallowed by a whale. Well, a surfer came close to being swallowed herself by couple of hungry humpbacks, and it was caught […]