Survey Says People Would Rather Give Up Sex Than WiFiWe're officially addicted to technology.
Survey: Middle Age is Older Than You ThinkWhen you’re 65, are you young, middle-aged or old?
Does Facebook Ruin Relationships? Half Surveyed Say Yes5000 Facebook users were asked asked how Facebook affects their relationships with a spouse or significant other and… the results are not good.
Survey Shows Wedding Costs Have Gone Down -- A LittleLast year’s survey from The Knot found the cost of an average wedding near $31,000. Now it’s around $29,000. Either way, those sound like above ‘average’ weddings! And that $29k figure for some reason doesn’t include two pricey pieces of the wedding experience: venue and engagement ring. $8800 and $4800, respectively.
Survey: Which Items Most Likely to be Re-GiftedWouldn’t expect SOCKS to be such a re-gifted item, but… a new study illustrates that we’re choosy about how we clothe our feet! I have favorite socks and won’t just wear anything, so I get it. Plus socks are not a one size fits all. If they’re even slightly too small, it’s excruciating.
She Doesn't Want Lingerie for Christmas!If you’re thinking of buying your woman lingerie… go for the KitchenAid blender instead. Kidding – but steering clear of Victoria’s Secret could make you a wise guy. A survey found 61% of women don’t want lingergie for Christmas.
Survey: Employees Don’t Want Holiday PartiesThis headline surprised me. They must not have surveyed CBS Radio. ;)
64% Of Women Admit To Doing This After Listening To AdeleAre you guilty of it?
Fewer Of Us Are Sharing on FacebookIt's getting harder and harder to accuse Facebook users of over-sharing, especially since a recent survey found that only 34% of Facebook users had updated their status in the last couple of week, a big drop from 50% during the same period last year.
Snapchat Makes You Happier Than FacebookThere’s no shortage of studies showing Facebook can induce sadness. Has to do with comparing oneself to others – a happiness zapper if ever there was. But this is interesting: Snapchat can cheer you up!
Survey: Grandparents Asked What’s Improved/Gotten Worse In Your Lifetime?Years ago I recall asking my parents if people were more polite back in the day. That’s how it looks on TV, right? To my surprise both of them said… “No, not really.” My unscientific findings do not mesh with this new survey out today. The top area that’s ‘gotten worse over time,’ according to grandparents: manners.
Your Cellphone Is Ruining Your RelationshipHow often would you say that you or your partner pull out the cellphone when you're together? Is your phone within sight at all times? When the phone rings to either of you immediately check it even if you're in the middle of a conversation?

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