They can open the stock exchange, but can they open up a conversation? Image courtesy of GettyImages

Catching ‘Avengers’ This Weekend? Here’s Some Heroic Pickup Lines To Try

Let’s face it, superheroes are people, too. Underneath all the fancy outfits and special effects, they have emotional (and physical) needs. So what do these super human hunks and heroines do when they’re feeling lonely? […]


Pitbull is coming back to Dallas for Thanksgiving. Image via GettyImages

#WeekendRewind: Superhero Rumors, Stars Are DudePerfect And Cowboys Thankful For Pitbull

I know how it is; life gets busy, the paper gets neglected and you miss out on some important news. That’s why every week I gather up a few great headlines to keep you in […]

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Madame Tussauds New York's Interactive Marvel Super Hero Experience

Superheroes Brawl In Front Of Hollywood Tourists

What would you do if you saw your favorite superheroes fighting in real life?


Photo by Andrew Rich/Getty Images

Superheroes Can Inspire Your Kids To Eat Healthier

Can’t get your child to eat his vegetables? Sounds like you need a superhero!