See Every Movie From 2012 In Less Than 7 Minutes

Didn’t have enough time to see all 182 movies released this year? Jack’s got you covered. Here is a video mash-up of every movie released this year in under 7 minutes. Here is a complete […]


Family Feud - Village People vs. Disco Divas

The Worst Answers From Family Feud…Ever

This is one of the reasons we love the internet.  Where else would someone take the time to put together a video of the worst answers on the game show Family Feud?  Survey Says!?  YOUTUBE! […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Tumbleweeds In The Movies

Tumbleweeds have played a major role in hundreds of different movies. Well maybe not major, but they definitely made an appearance. It can only be in the movies. Just think about it, how often do […]