New Study Reveals What We Hate Worse: Hot Days or Cold DaysToday's DFW high, 65. Tomorrow's high, 42. As far as really hot or really cold, which one is hardest for you?
Most Babies Born in Summer -- But Why?Did your family increase the past couple of months? There’s an evolutionary theory as to why.
Here Is The Newest Pumpkin Spice Craze! Would You Try These?
STOP EVERYTHING: Starbucks Is Bringing Back Your Favorite Frappuccino!
Frisco Has A New Water Park Just In Time For Summer!Looks like I've got a trip to Frisco in the near future...
25 Songs That Defined Summers In The 90's
Eye-Opening Video Shows What Happens When Dogs Are Left In Hot CarsSave me.
Looking For Things To Do With The Kids This Summer? Here Are 51 Things You Should Check Out
Things Every Teenage Girl Did In The Summer During The 90's
Find A DFW Summer Camp And Class For Your Kiddo
So Chicago Girls Think They’re The BEST? (A Texas Rebuttal)I just read an article called “11 Reasons Why Chicago Girls Are The Absolute Best,” and now I’ve got my panties in a wad.
Big Brother Caleb In His 'Adam' Outfit Leaves Little To Imagination

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