Photo by Elizabeth Fernandez G. Photography/Getty Images

Puppy Gets Head Stuck In A Box

Have you ever seen something so cute but so sad that you can’t help but “Awwwww” just a little? Mr Fluff, the husky puppy, found an empty soda box, and he got his head stuck. […]


Photo by Getty Images

Boy Has Chimney Designed To Fit Santa Claus

It is the perplexing question that befuddles the minds of children every Christmas: How will Santa fit down my chimney? Most chimneys are not wide enough for a person to fit down, let alone a […]


Monday’s Delilah’s Dilemma, Married-But Not To Each Other

  Tonight’s dilemma concerns a love between a married man and woman.


Kids Do The Darndest Things

Girl gets stuck in toy claw machine at mall in Pennsylvania.




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