Blake Shelton Says Gwen Stefani Saved His LifeThis is actually really sweet!
Cockroach Milk Could Be The Superfood Of The Future!This grosses us out just thinking about it.
Selena Gomez Posts Cryptic Message on Instagram After Crying On StageThis breaks our hearts. We hope she gets everything figured out.
Justin Bieber Scolded A Fan At His Concert For Throwing A Hat On The Stage!They just love you Justin, no need to be mean about it.
Kim Kardashian Is Coming Out With A Cookbook! Will You Buy It?Wait? She can cook!
Plane Dive Bombs Boaters In Two Different DFW Lakes!This is terrifying! I hope they catch the person flying the plane.
Twin Sisters Give Birth At The Same Time On The Same Day!
Virginia JUST Passed A Law Making It Illegal To Marry A 12-Year-Old Girl
This Alligator Climbing A Fence Will Give You Nightmares!Wait a minute? When did they start climbing fences?
Prisoner Escapes By Crawling Out Of The Tiny Hole In The Door!This is crazy! How did he fit in that little space?
Parents Punish Teen Making Him Sleep In Tent In The Backyard!Are these parents being to rough on their son?
Bride Demands Bridesmaids Help Pay For Her $10,500 Wedding Dress!This is insane! Why would she demand this?

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