Prisoner Escapes By Crawling Out Of The Tiny Hole In The Door!This is crazy! How did he fit in that little space?
Parents Punish Teen Making Him Sleep In Tent In The Backyard!Are these parents being to rough on their son?
Bride Demands Bridesmaids Help Pay For Her $10,500 Wedding Dress!This is insane! Why would she demand this?
The Fine Print In Uber And Lyft Will Terrify You!
Katy Perry Just Threw Major Shade At Taylor Swift With The Name Of Her New Perfume!We can't wait for Taylor Swift to respond to this!
You Will Soon Be Able To Order Birth Control Online!
Bobby Brown Claims He Had Sex With An Actual Ghost
Woman Quits Her Job So She Can Breast feed Her Boyfriend Every Two Hours!
This Bridesmaid Was Asked To Dye Her Hair For The Most Ridiculous Reason EVER!
The Internet Has Lost It's Mind Over The Way This Woman Was Sitting!
Olympic Athletes Are Freezing Their Sperm Before Going To Rio Because Of The Zika Virus!
Local Story About Babies Being Switched At Birth Is Crazy!

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