Have You Seen The Rainbow Bagel? It's Our New Favorite Breakfast Food!
New Valentine's Day Add Has People All Kinds Of Flustered!
This Is What A Realistic Ken Doll Would Look Like!Beach Dad Bod Ken is now a real thing! WOW!
This Crazy Fact About Store-Bought Eggs Has Gone Viral!This is kind of terrifying!!
Mother-Of-Four Is Being Charged For Leaving Her Baby At A Store! The Internet Is Outraged!
This Guys Grocery Store Shopping Tips Are Hilarious!
VIDEO: What Is Crawling Out Of This Salmon From The Store
Wait?? This School Just Took A field Trip Where??
Women Opens Up Cuddle Shop And You Wont Believe How Many Customers She Already Has
CNN Reporter Mistakenly Tells Mega Millions Store Owner They'll Get $1MReporter mistakenly informs owner of Georgia store that sold one of two winning Mega Millions ticket that she'd get $1 million... but she won't.
Which Apple Product Could Be Hard To Get This Holiday Season?Apple is (allegedly) trying to conceal a manufacturing problem involving one of it's hottest products by only allowing you to purchase it online.
Texas Man Pulls Gun On Black Friday Line Cutter; Police Say It Is OkayA man pulled a gun on a fellow shopper during Black Friday sales. And the police were totally fine with it.

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