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Nun Busted For Stealing From Church To Fund Gambling Addiction

One nun will have a lot to answer for after stealing money from the church for her gambling habit.


Pop Tart

Mom Has Son Arrested For Stealing Her Pop-Tarts

Mom has son arrested for taking Pop Tarts from their home without her permission.


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Man Caught With 102 Bottle Of Nail Polish Down His Pants

A man was arrested on Thursday for trying to steal over 100 bottle of nail polish from a CVS in Connecticut. He allegedly stuffed all 102 bottles down his pants. NBC News is reporting that, […]


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Owl City And Carly Rae Jepsen Sued Over “Good Time”

It happens all the time: a small artist, songwriter or producer file suit against a much bigger artist for stealing their song idea. But this artist might have a stronger case than most.


Thief Hides In Suitcase To Sift Through Luggage

Thieves will do just about ANYTHING to get closer to your belongings. Leigh Ann came across one particular thief who stuffed himself into a suitcase to do just that.


Shopping In An Unusual Way

Two women are accused of shoplifting merchandise in Oklahoma. The strange thing is where they hid the items.