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Big Tex Choice Award Winner Justin Martinez in the KVIL Kitchen!!

We have fried food royalty with us this week.  Justin Martinez — the winner of the 2014 Big Tex Choice Award for Most Creative entry for his Original State Fair Brew Funnel Cake Ale — […]


Photo: CBS Radio Dallas

What’s NEW at the 2015 State Fair Of Texas

The 2015 State Fair of Texas begins it’s 129th year/two-week run Friday September 25! This year’s theme is “Passport To Texas”.


Hall of State: Texas Sports Legends

What’s Hot: The Texas Sports Legends Exhibit

What’s HOT- The Texas Sports Legends exhibit at the Texas Hall of State is HOT!     CLICK HERE for more info

103.7 KVIL–10/07/2014

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Chef Cassy Talks State Fair Opening

One of our favorites, Chef Cassy, dropped by for the opening of the State Fair and brought us some of her famed collard greens. Trust us, you HAVE to find her booth! CLICK HERE to […]

103.7 KVIL–09/29/2014

photo by Kristin Weisell/KRLD

Big Tex Installed At State Fair

You know it’s about fair time when you see Big Tex. Well he was just installed and standing tall.


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Foodie Friday: Big Tex Choice Awards Winner Stops By!

Justin Martinez, the winner of this year’s Texas State Fair Big Tex Choice Awards, brought by his award-winning Funnel Cake Ale!     Funnel cake AND alcohol? No wonder he won!  

103.7 KVIL–09/05/2014

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Funnel Cake Ale Is Amazing! Hear The Interview Here!

I interviewed Justin Martinez the man behind the funnel cake ale today. This beer is so good, its ridiculous. You have got to go out to the state fair and try it. You can hear […]


State Fair

What’s Hot: State Fair of Texas Big Tex Food Choice Awards

What’s HOT? It’s the State Fair of Texas Big Tex Food Choice Awards!   CLICK HERE to see the winners and get more info!

103.7 KVIL–09/02/2014

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Abel Gonzales Drops By For Us To Taste His State Fair Submission!

The fried food king came in studio for us to try his latest concoction…the deep-fried brisket! The 5x champ may have not won the state fair this year, but still came up with some greatness. […]

103.7 KVIL–08/19/2014