(FILES) The logo for Starbucks coffee is seen October 7, 2010 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Amid customer complaints that the Seattle-based coffee chain has turned coffee-making into something more akin to a factory assembly line, The Wall Street Journal reports October 13, 2010 that Starbucks is telling its busy baristas to slow down, and the change of pace behind the counter may result in longer lines. Starbucks has instructed the coffee chain's baristas to stop making multiple drinks at the same time (no more than two at a time, according to the report). They are to start making a second drink while finishing the first. Baristas also are supposed to steam milk for each drink rather than steaming an entire pitcher to be used for several beverages. Other instructions include rinsing pitchers after each use; staying at the espresso bar instead of moving around; and using only one espresso machine instead of two, according to company documents obtained by the newspaper. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Starbucks Has Answered Your Frappuccino Prayers! You’re Welcome!

There isn’t much better than a good Frappuccino on a hot day, but you feel so guilty after drinking a huge one. Packed full of sugar and caffeine, you feel bad after. Well they have […]

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Have You Seen The Worlds Largest Starbucks?

Of course the worlds largest Starbucks is in Seattle where the company started. Have you seen it though? The place is amazing! It looks like a beer brewery. It’s absolutely massive spreading out over 15,000 […]

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For Mothers Day Starbucks Is Selling A $50 Gift Card For $200

Starbucks is selling a mothers day package that includes a gift card, Mothers Day card, and a fancy gift box. It’s going to cost you $200 for the package. The kicker is the gift card […]

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Things That You Say To Justify Your Starbucks Addiction

Almost everyone loves a cup of coffee from Starbucks every now and then. Some people love it everyday. You know you have justified buying that cup of coffee too. We found a list of the […]

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A Starbucks Like You’ve Never Seen Is Now Open In Dallas! + Beer And Wine Coming Soon?

Now this is just awesome! Have you heard about this? A new, high profile Starbucks just opened at the shops at Park Lane to lots of hype. The sprawling 2,400 square foot space can sit […]

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Starbucks Employees Now Receive A 4-Year College Education For Free

We have to give a big round of applause to Starbucks. They are paying for a 4-year degree for all full and part time employees. Here is the catch though. It’s only to Arizona State […]

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13 Things Baristas At Starbucks Would Never Tell You

Almost everyone has stepped foot in a Starbucks and ordered a drink. If you have ever wondered what the barista was thinking while you ordered your drink, we have you covered. The one that suck […]

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23 Things We All Need To Stop Doing At Starbucks

We have all gone to Starbucks before, and there are things we need to stop doing. When you are walking in and you’re about the same distance away from the door as someone else is […]

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Taylor Swift & Starbucks Have Epic Twitter Exchange!

Of course, we all heard “…Starbucks lovers…” in Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” right? Right.


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Starbucks May Be Adding A Cheese-Flavored Syrup To The Menu

This will be interesting. Cheese flavored syrup? What exactly are they going to use that for. Well the answer isn’t as exciting as you think it might be. It’s for a new Strawberry Cheese Cake […]

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