A White Christmas Is Possible For Dallas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? It might happen!


(Photo by PATRICK SEEGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Dreaming Of A Winter Wonderland

The tease of snow across North Texas this morning just isn’t enough to satisfy some people’s dreams of a white Christmas or walking in a winter wonderland. Check out these snowy pics while sipping some hot cocoa!


Al Bello/Staff/Getty Images

Some Photos To Help Cool You Off

It’s hot. We get it. It’s hard to cool off. But sometimes some nice cool mental images will help bring that core temperature down. So we bring you some cooler photos to help keep you cool during these hot summer day. Remember, think cool thoughts.


Photo Captured from YouTube

Baby Elephant Plays In The Snow

Here in Texas, we have had an unseasonably warm winter, this is not the case for most parts of the world( just ask Serbian’s how their winter is going right now). Baby Mumba, an Elephant […]



Tony Zazza Talks Disneyland Holiday Magic

Tony Zazza is broadcasting live from Disneyland Resort in California to celebrate all of the holiday magic! Tony talked with Christine Chupek the Marketing Manager at Disneyland Resort about what holiday delights are in store […]


Is Leigh Ann A Flake?

  The weather on Sunday was not very spring like. In fact it was more like winter. When Leigh Ann was looking out her window she swears that she saw something that was white and fluffy. […]


Weather Delays For April 11th

 With the bad rain and hail this morning, a few schools have been delayed.


School Days On Saturday

One local school district is considering sending the kids to school on Saturday as a make-up day for days missed during the snow storm.


Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

Truth or Lie: Was Gene served a bowl of chili with a rat-tail in it? Play Big Fat Liar this week and win tickets to see James Taylor!


Gene And Julie’s Big Fat Liar Today Is…

Truth or Lie: Did David Rancken cross-country ski to school in Pennsylvania? Play Big Fat Liar this week and win a Febreze gift set!





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