Leigh Ann And Courtney Kerr #Uncorked The Podcast: The Smell, The Bathroom, & The Sugar Daddy103.7 KVIL, CBS and Play.it present the Leigh Ann And Courtney Kerr #Uncorked "The Podcast"! It's Leigh Ann and Courtney Kerr #Worldwide & #Uncensored!
Smell Dating Is A Real Thing And It Freaks Us Out!This seems so awkward to us!
Your Scented Candles Could Be Killing You
New Jeans Claim They Make Your Farts Smell Good!
Want To Know When You're Going To Die? This Smell Test May Be Able To Predict It!
Sadly, Burger King Cologne Is Not An April Fools Joke."Instead of smelling like a flame-broiled patty, it was more like the last call on curry at a bad Indian restaurant that happens to have an onion farm out back."
This Might Be The Worst Idea Ever For A Perfume
Have You Seen Poo Poo Pourri?? This Commercial Is Hilarious!!
10 Celebrities Who Are Said To Smell Bad
The 25 Most Life-Changing Beauty Hacks EVER!!
7 Celebs With Personal Hygiene Problems!
Follow Your Nose To True LoveThey say the nose knows, but does the nose know how to find true love? There's a new dating trend that wants to help you smell your way to true love. It's called Pheromone Parties.

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