This Picture Is Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Phone In The Bed!You have been warned! WOW!
This Woman Texts Her Husband Everything He Says In His Sleep And It's Hilarious!
These "Vices" Are Actually GOOD for Weight LossExercise? Veggies? Naaaaaah. How about sleep. And butter.
This Guy Has Been Posting Childhood Beds Adults Sleep In When They Go Home For The Holidays!
Cute Alert! Photo of Baby Boy Falling Asleep on Santa’s LapA photo posted on Facebook by an Evansville, Indiana, parent has gone viral. Take a look to see why:
Study Comes Up With Perfect Music to Wake Up ToDo you wake-up to music… news… talk… or nothing on the radio? Or maybe you wake-up to something else you’ve programmed. I realize if you wake-up to Jody Dean’s show it’s the perfect blend of all three :) but here’s an interesting new study about what music starts the day on the right, um, note.
Too Little Sleep Makes Us 'Slangry"You’ve heard of ‘hangry’… not enough food leads to anger and irritability. There’s a new hybrid word in town.
Working 9-to-5 Is Bad for the BodySchool kids aren’t the only ones who need to start the day later.
This Daycare Is Being Investigated For Drugging It's Babies To Help Them Sleep
Did You Know People That Sleep Naked Are Healthier, Happier, And Get More Action?
College Basketball Player Died From Chewing Gum In Sleep
Did You Know Ed Sheeran Used To Be Homeless???

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